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Bringing you inside the workspaces of inspiring creatives. 

Workspaces is a twice-weekly newsletter that lets you peek into the surroundings of other creatives. Work, whether it’s a job, a side project, or a creative outlet is a big part of our lives, so looking at the workspaces you’re getting a glimpse of people’s personalities. The newsletter features beautiful pictures of the workspace and its surroundings as well as a complimentary list of hardware and software in use. Think of video editing tools, noise-canceling headphones, and sometimes even books you will want to check out. 

Subscribe to get new ideas for upgrading your own workspace, find a new tool to use, and discover creators working on interesting things. 



Ryan Gilbert runs Community @ProductHunt, does Content @heyday_hq, and curates @workspacesxyz. He started the project when the pandemic hit and his Twitter feed was being filled with WFH pictures. Ryan set out to find as many as possible, so here we are with 145 workspaces and still counting!


Workspaces is a free, weekly newsletter. You’ll get some weekend inspiration, with two issues delivered Saturday through Sunday. 

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