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A weekly advice column on leadership and radical self-inquiry.

Ask Jerry is a series of conversations between Andy Sparks and Jerry Colonna answering questions from the readers. The authors discuss behavioral patterns and psychological habits, answering questions like how to manage feelings of resentment to your Co-founder or how to find purpose in life. So if you understand the value of self-discovery, subscribe to the words of wisdom from Jerry Colonna.  




Ask Jerry is produced by Andy Sparks, featuring Jerry Colonna. Andy Sparks is executive coach-in-training, writer, and a former CEO at Holloway and COO at Mattermark. He coaches startup leaders and studies relationships at work with the ultimate goal of figuring out “what separates co-founders with healthy relationships from co-founders with toxic ones. Jerry Colonna, founder and CEO at Reboot, is known as Silicon Valley’s leadership coach and “CEO whisperer”. He is helping executives to become better leaders through “radical self-inquiry” and is considered as one of the “most desired” coaches in the world of startups.


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