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The CEO's Brainpain.

CEO Brain is a newsletter filled with small, unfiltered notes on building companies and communities. John Saddington shares his thoughts on being a CEO, struggles when managing the tension of family and a startup, obsession with community building, and his other brainpains. Topics range from creating momentum and pivoting to difficulties of being yourself and (re)learning how to be a manager. Subscribe for a refreshing dose of struggle, fucks, and encouragement.



John Saddington is an indie app developer, Co-Founder and CEO of YEN, and an amateur filmmaker with a personal vlog on Youtube. He has been blogging about his journey through technology, software, and entrepreneurship since 2001. When John Saddington became the CEO of a venture-backed company, he started emailing his friends with thoughts on “The Struggle”, but over time what was once a personal note, has become a community of more than 19 thousand subscribers.


CEO Brain is a free, weekly newsletter. From our experience - you can expect to receive the newsletter once, usually at the end of the week.

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