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Discover excellent book summaries like never before. Highlights is a monthly newsletter where author Julian Shapiro shares key insights from three famous books. Being unsatisfied with boring, unclear book summaries, Julian wanted to provide passionate readers like himself with book insights that really matter and help you decide if the book is worth reading. In each issue, he uncovers 3 famous books, including The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb, Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, and The Design Of Everyday Things by Don Norman. Additionally, he includes his own 2 insights at the beginning of every newsletter and shows off some photos on his phone that might gauge your interest. 

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Julian Shapiro is an author, writer, and founder of Julian.Capital. He’s the former VP of Webflow, columnist for TechCrunch, and the co-founder of Demand Curve, a modern growth training program. Nowadays, he’s active on Twitter and working on his website, updating people with his personally crafted free handbooks, podcasts, articles, and his monthly newsletter: Highlights.


Highlights is a free, monthly newsletter. Expect to get insights from 3 famous books straight to your inbox every month.

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