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Letters for Creatives help you to make your creative process easier and sane.

Letter for Creatives is a weekly newsletter on topics like creativity, writing, poetry, and book marketing, to name a few. Celeste Tsang shares a lot of resources to inspire. Letter for Creatives is a result you get when blogging meets curation. The author always provided her own point of view on recommendations. Sometimes the curation is made by topics like focusing on the future of work, sometimes it’s a book she read, but it always includes a poem of the week. Subscribe and kickstart your creative journey with the help of Letters for Creatives!



Celeste Tsang has been writing poems since 2017. She started the Letters for Creatives newsletter wanting to get back to writing about topics that she’s passionate about. The newsletter is written for people like herself - for artists, writers, and creatives.


Free subscribers are supposed to receive a free curated newsletter every week. Recently it’s been sent every other week, but always on Thursdays. 


Paid subscribers are supposed to have access to deep dives, curated Inspiration Corner, and long-form essays. We checked, and we managed to find only one issue under the paywall during the last six months and no way to choose the paid subscription. If you would like to support the author we suggest following the links to buy her a coffee or get something from her shop. 

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