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Life Reimagined aims to help you achieve balance in all aspects of your life. Calvin Rosser hopes to drive people to take action by changing their behavior and reframing their perspective on happy, healthy living. His writings are relatable and practical, helping people cherish the little things and taking one step at a time to a better life. He tackles a range of topics he comes across and shares his thoughts, including what he’s researching and reading. Explore various topics like The Problem of Student Debt, Innovative Technology, and How to Get Out of a Rut When You’re Emotionally Drained. Every post is enriched with inspiring insights, thought-provoking ideas, and helpful resources to develop meaning in your personal and professional life.

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Calvin Rosser is a writer and startup operator. Having a stable paycheck as an investment banker he moved away from the boredom of working in a cubicle to a fulfilling endeavor to work in a startup as a growth marketer. Always being curious, Calvin started traveling, reading, and learning which led him to the vision of “empowering 10 million people to live a more conscious and fulfilling life.” Now he’s working on his first book, co-hosts the Shit You Don’t Learn in School Podcast and sponsors scholarships for students.


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