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Li’s Newsletter

Aspirationally weekly musings on consumer culture, tech, and the future.

Li’s Newsletter is all things Passion Economy. Li Jin shares exceptional insights on consumer tech and discusses the nuances and the future of being a creator on the internet. The author tackles disruptive innovations, unbundling of work, and the rise of micro-entrepreneurship. Li Jin is interested in marketplaces and new platforms that enable people to make a living by doing what they love. Subscribe for an essential read on consumer trends and analysis, and get excited for the future of creators.



Li Jin is considered a passion economy pioneer. She is an angel investor, startup advisor, and a former consumer investing partner at a16z. Li Jin studied Statistics at Harward where she first started writing and editing. Now she is working on Li’s newsletter and on Means of Creation, a collaboration with Nathan Baschez where they interview guests and write weekly news roundups on Passion Economy.


Li’s Newsletter is a free, more or less bi-weekly newsletter. From our experience - the issues are being sent quite inconsistently, so sometimes you will receive an e-mail every other week, sometimes once a month. Recently, the newsletter reaches our inbox on Thursdays, but you never know.

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