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Macromegas is a curation of weekly thoughts and reads on geopolitics & society, technological progress, and business strategy. Topics range from aging and entertainment to US geopolitical advantages and other lessons from history. Valentin Vincendon writes a blog by the same name, and always includes links to relevant posts in the newsletter. There he deep dives into thought-provoking subjects like NFTs or Covid Vaccines and provides original insights. Subscribe and learn more about the underlying forces that shape our economy and society. 




Valentin Vincendon is an investor with a fascination for geopolitics and military history. He has a master's in economics, finance and strategy, and evolutionary psychology. Valentin started the Macromegas newsletter wanting to share his best readings and thinking process to help people think deeper about what truly happens in the world.


Macromegas is a free, weekly newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox every Friday.

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