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Curiosity-inducing content and educational pieces demystifying the world of finance, money, business, and economics. 

The Curiosity Chronicles targets growth-minded individuals who are looking for high-signal content. From writing on topics like “dangerous mental errors in decision making” to “first principles thinking,” Sahil Bloom aims to furnish subscribers with curiosity-inducing content that will help them discover the best valuable lessons for succeeding in life and business. In his words - “If I can spark new curiosity…that leads to active thinking, learning, discussion, and personal or professional growth—I’ve done my job.” In addition to the usual deep dives, you’ll also receive the Friday curation email with 5 interesting ideas.

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Sahil Bloom is a Stanford University graduate with an M.A. in Public Policy and a B.A. in Economics and Sociology. In addition to The Curiosity, Chronicles newsletter he also hosts the Where it Happens podcast, curates a popular job board in finance and technology, and is a Founding Partner at SRB Ventures.


The Curiosity Chronicles is a free, weekly newsletter. You’ll receive a deep dive in the middle of the week, and curated content with 5 ideas on Friday. 

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