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A newsletter with succinct ideas and additional resources relating to living a full life.

“Memento Vivere” is Latin for “remember to live”. Nathaniel Drew fuels his work with the neverending curiosity to explore. The newsletter consists of original writing, where Nathaniel questions the world around him, sharing frequently philosophical thoughts on life design, personal development, and in general - life as we know it. Looking into the archive, you will find posts on ‘I refuse to become cynical’, ‘Are you afraid of change?’ and ‘Your environment shapes you’. In addition to this food for thought, you are guaranteed to get music recommendations as well as bonus material in form of links to the author’s recent Youtube videos. 

Memento Vivere is personal, but also very relatable. Subscribe and join Nathaniel in his inspiring journey trying to find meaning. 




Nathaniel Drew is a content maker (mainly, but not only - Youtuber). He created courses on multiple things, from language learning to visual storytelling, and many more suited for creators. Nathaniel's goals are to get out of his own way and travel the world “exploring the full range of the human experience”.


Memento Vivere is a free, usually monthly newsletter. The author is quite vague on the frequency, but you will definitely get at least one issue a month. The newsletter is free, though if you wish to support the author consider purchasing one of his many creativity inducing courses.

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