Notes by Martine

Notes by Martine

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Boosting Well-being & Productivity for overwhelmed professionals looking to thrive, not just survive.

Explore well-being-driven productivity and manage your professional life better. Notes by Martine is a weekly wrap-up with personally curated articles, books, tools, tips, and videos on productivity and self-growth. The author aims to help professionals to stay productive while keeping up with their sanity. She enables them to shift away from the “always be working” mindset to a more mental-health-positive approach to their work without compromising their deadlines. Get your dose of productivity by exploring a selection of articles on topics like Doomscrolling and Why We Do It, Loving Yourself and Knowing When to Take a Break, and How to Read Effectively. In addition to articles, Martine will always share something relevant to watch and something interesting she found on Twitter.

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Martine Ellis is an inspiring educator, leader, and teacher. She authored The Productive Teacher and wrote various pieces on well-being-driven productivity and professional learning. She’s on a mission to help professionals excel in their careers while keeping their health in check.


Notes by Martine is a free, supposedly weekly newsletter. She usually publishes on Saturday, but sometimes takes a break.

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