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Real running for real people.

Running Probably is a weekly newsletter where running enthusiast Paul Flannery describes his running journey, shares training tips, and introduces other inspiring runners. As a runner, Paul shares his goals, inspirations, and motivations with his audience to inspire and motivate them on their own running journey. He writes about building resilience, making the most of recovery weeks, and pain management. Why probably? Because along with the weekly posts, Paul is keen to discuss some other random topics of his life. He gives his readers a glimpse into his personal life, including topics on nutrition, strength training, parenting, and shares value-filled nuggets of gold in his Friday ramblings.

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Paul Flannery is a writer, dad, runner, and the creator of Running Probably, a newsletter where he shares his running journey with the world to inspire others to take on this wonderful endeavor.


As a free subscriber, you’ll only get occasional public posts. The frequency range from 0 to 2 issues a month. 


A paid subscription to Running Probably costs $7 a month. You’ll get access to subscriber-only posts which are usually being sent two times per week (Wednesdays and Fridays) as well as the opportunity to be part of the running community with the ability to comment and share your experiences with other passionate runners of different levels and abilities.

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