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A Saturday email on the latest in tech, business, and memes

Deeply explore what's happening worldwide while keeping yourself entertained. SatPost is a weekly newsletter where the writer Trung Phan dives deep into the tech and business world. He shares his thoughts on the latest developments in the form of engaging, comprehensive essays with lighthearted memes sprinkled in. He aims to keep readers informed and amused by providing valuable insights and profound analysis of the newest events and tech. He also shares some of his favorite memes. Expect to read about Elon Musk’s Twitter fiasco, the rise of McDonald’s as a real estate empire, and how LinkedIn’s algorithm made it a cringefest. All these reads are enjoyable, informative, and unique.

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Deep Dive


Trung Phan is a writer with a lot of professional experience in the tech/finance niche. He’s written detailed pieces for Bloomberg and The Hustle. He is now actively jotting down his newsletter SatPost, working on a comedy TV show about Vietnam, and engaging with his 400k+ Twitter followers.


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