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Seedtable is a weekly newsletter on European tech.

Seedtable newsletter hosts authentic analysis of technology and its impact on society. Gonz Sanchez provides a different approach - he is opinionated, honest, and goes straight to the point, leaving some ‘fuck’s’ and typos along the way. Seedtable contains 2,000+ words of deep dives, interviews, short and insightful 5 min reports on a complex topic, and a ‘one thing you can’t miss’ section. Gonz Sanches writes about markets, companies, and venture capital covering topics from COVID-19 effects on European tech and diversity to Femtech and engineering as a moat. Subscribe and take a step further to understand the big picture of European tech.


Deep Dive


Gonz Sanchez is the creator of Seedtable newsletter and a podcast by the same name, an early-stage investor, and has tons of experience in Growth. He started a newsletter as a way to stay in touch with the European tech community when he lived abroad. What was first intended to be seen by just a few friends, started to get some traction and eventually became “one of the best decisions” Gonz Sanchez ever made. Seedtable is counting thousands of subscribers, is already paying the author’s rent, and is being called the “Stratechery” for Europe.


The Seedtable is a free, weekly newsletter. You can expect an e-mail to hit your inbox every Friday.

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