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A blog dedicated to remote work, continuous growth, and technology.

Steph Smith's newsletter is an extension of her very popular (read by 700k) blog. The author loves to write about the things she both cares and knows about, sharing her experience and honest perspective on the subject. The topics range from “An Ode to Excel” and “You Don't Need to Quit Your Job to Make” to “The Guide to Remote Work” and “Learning to Write with Confidence”. Steph is a clear thinker, she’s not using vague terms and instead focuses on personal learnings, making all of her writing easy to digest and very relatable.

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Steph Smith is the head of marketing at under The Hubspot. She’s a very prolific person, managing to write (in addition to blogging, she also published a book - “Doing Content Right”), code, make products and travel the world while keeping a full-time job. Her most recent venture is the “Sh*t you don’t learn at school” podcast. Give her a follow on Twitter @stephsmithio to keep up with all the things she ships.


Steph Smith's newsletter is free of charge, but the frequency is pretty random. We found a claim that it is supposed to be a weekly newsletter, but… The author also promises ‘No spam’ therefore suggesting that she will publish only when there’s new material worth sharing. So be on the look for a new issue!

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