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The Daily Good is a newsletter for those who care about self-love and sustainability.

The Daily good offers curated content to inspire and motivate. Start your days with an inspirational quote, various tips, and resources for self-care and sustainable living. The newsletter contains sections with recommendations for something to ‘Listen’ and ‘Read’, DIY things to ‘Make’, interesting people to ‘Follow’, and products for self-love to ‘Browse’. Every Month an inspiring female creator curates one edition of The Daily Good to bring “a unique perspective on conscious living.” Subscribe and join the community of readers who seek to care better for themselves and the people around them.




The Daily Good newsletter is a part of The Good Trade - a website for sustainable lifestyle content. The platform was founded in 2014, by AmyAnn Cadwell and now reaches 50 million highly-engaged readers in a year.


The Daily Good is a free, daily newsletter. We checked, and we can confirm - the newsletter will be delivered to your inbox every working day, so get ready!

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