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Today Do This chooses one story from the week’s news and suggests one simple action you can take that day to make a difference. 

Every week you’ll get encouraged to do something about the things you care about. Whether it’s tackling the climate crisis, fighting discrimination, or protecting democracy, and responding to disasters - you can always find one small thing to do, that would change things for the better. Subscribe and start changing the world every day!



Today Do This founders Daianna Karaian and Robbie Dale make it everybody’s business to change the world for the better. Daianna is a social entrepreneur, strategist, teacher, and writer who believes that small individual actions today can create big collective change tomorrow. Robbie is an award-winning creative director who has turned his experience in design thinking and creative problem solving towards improving the state of the world. Together, they lead a movement of 'everyday activists' and aim to put the power to create change in the hands of millions, if not billions, of people.


Today Do This is a free, weekly newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox every Friday.

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"Today Do This” is dangerously empowering!

I regularly feel overwhelmed with the millions of things that need to change in our beautiful world. I go from one article to the next in a state of perpetual shock and horror, feeling helpless to act when so many of the problems are on a global scale. “Today Do This” changed all that. I now know that, once a week, I can DO SOMETHING to make a difference. And because I know I’m not the only one doing the same something, I know it’s adding up to real change. Thanks for removing the cloud of helplessness and hopelessness - “Today Do This” is dangerously empowering!

Keep them coming!

I've been motivated by Daianna and Robbie's stories and actions for some time now. I often share them, and sometimes even act upon them myself! The brevity of their suggestions make them easily digestible, but hidden behind them is a good understanding of how environmental, social and governance issues are intertwined. One small action isn't necessarily going to change the world by itself, but multiplied with additional actions by additional people - well, I like getting these routinely. Keep them coming!

Today Do This makes it easy for everyone to take small steps to solve big problems

Every newsletter has a theme and ideas that you can implement around that theme. By grouping ideas into action areas, I can quickly see when newsletters hit close to home and when it is an area that I am less interested in. Also, the actions are reasonable things for anyone AND they are relevant to events and holidays. A great news letter to subscribe to!

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