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Illustrated musings on anything and everything.

You Can Do This is an illustrated newsletter about “foods and feelings” by author and illustrator Alex Testere. Alex gives a new spin to a traditional newsletter by publishing handwritten posts and drawings of his life. Alex shares his thoughts, hopes, and what he’s up to all in a very fun and engaging way.  Join Alex in his journey as he makes sense of little life experiences and find illustrations and writings on why pickled shallots make the best garnish, learning to love the process of growing a garden and how a slice of cake can keep us all going.

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Alex Testere is an illustrator, writer, and editor based in New York. After teaching himself to cook, Alex worked in the food industry and wrote for SAVEUR magazine. His love of drawing was what he was passionate about, and after five long years, he became a full-time freelancer working on various creative projects. Currently, along with his freelance work, he’s working on his book “Please Grow” and writing his monthly newsletter, You Can Do This.


You Can Do This is a free, monthly newsletter. Looking into the archive we can see that the author hasn't written for a couple of months, but we keep our fingers crossed for a quick comeback! 

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