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Thoughts on the creator economy and coaching reflections for Founders.

Creative Caffeine is a cup of inspiration for your creative work. David Sherry explores topics like creative lessons, commitment to work, discovering your purpose, and shares ideas and actionable insights to stimulate your mind. The author writes through a personal lens, sharing his experiences which makes the content a hundred times more impactful. You can expect issues on Dopamine Detox, Being a Generalist, and Finding Time for Important Projects. 

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David Sherry is coaching early-stage founders, writing multiple newsletters (in addition to Creative Caffeine, he curates “Art $ Attention”), and facilitating community for Jacuzzi Club. Previously he founded, grew, and sold the media company “Death to Stock”, which he still advises.


Creative Caffeine is a free, supposedly weekly newsletter. We’ve checked the archive and we have to say that during the last month the author has been quite regular, shipping an issue every week usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. But history tells us that sometimes there might be only two issues a month. So subscribe and keep your fingers crossed! 

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