Naive Weekly

Naive Weekly

Weekly observations from the Internet Wilderness.

Naive Weekly is a personal newsletter that will take you out of your internet bubble. Prepare to jump through links, fall down rabbit holes, and discover unimaginable corners of the web. Kristoffer organizes the newsletter into specific sections for roadside flowers (“single-purpose websites reminding us that the internet is beautiful”), field notes (curation of interesting blog posts that keep the internet diverse), and collections (think of Strava art and 90s screensavers). The author also shares interviews with readers of Naive Weekly and other personal projects, like Penpal cafe, that connects people through letters. Subscribe to explore the ever-expanding internet jungle through Kristoffer’s extraordinary lens.




Kristoffer is a café owner, map-maker, internet poet, and coffee taster. For work, he is building ventures from the far corners of the imagination.


Naive Weekly is a free weekly newsletter, that will reach your inbox every Sunday. While you can access all the content for free, when subscribing you can choose a monthly ($5) or yearly ($30) plan to support the author. 

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