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A newsletter about staying sane in the climate and wider ecological crisis.

Gen Dread shares perspectives on the climate crisis through an emotional lens. Dr. Britt Wray believes that ‘the age of eco-anxiety is upon us’ and is here to discuss new ideas and solutions that would help cope with reality and protect our emotional well-being. The newsletter hosts original essays, interviews, and guest posts from ‘similarly spirited writers’. Subscribe to read about eco-grief and emotional intelligence and learn 'how to live well with the climate crisis’.




Dr. Britt Wray is an author, broadcaster, and Planetary Health Fellow at Stanford. She is working on a book on the climate crisis and its effects on mental and emotional health. Dr. Britt Wray started the newsletter to expand her research and share the learnings.


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A perfect blend of the personal and professional

Gen Dread is a much-needed synthesis of the best ideas about the intersection of climate change and our emotional health. I love that Dr. Wray uses this space to draw on expertise from leaders in the field of climate psychology, like Dr. Renee Lertzman, as well as to feature new and marginalized voices. And I especially love that her voice perfectly blends the personal and professional: each newsletter feels like a conversation with a friend who just happens to be an expert climate psychology researcher. I'd highly recommend Gen Dread to anyone interested in climate change and mental health, and can't wait to read future issues.

Lots of enlightened nuggets of wisdom !

One of the things I admire about Gen Dread is how Dr Britt Wray has reached out to the world's top experts in the field of eco-anxiety (e.g. Caroline Hickman). I especially gained loads of nuggets of wisdom from the article questioning whether activism is the 'real cure' for eco-anxiety. While I still believe activism has a big role, I liked how the article warned that it's not sufficient, and called us to avoid jumping too quickly from 'pain to action'. I also really appreciated how Britt connected me with an author working on a similar creative way of communicating eco-anxiety. (Jeremy @ComicRenegades)

A newsletter that comes with Head, Heart and Soul!

I absolutely LOVE "GenDread" – now that I come to think of it, it is actually the only newsletter I receive that really makes me happy when I see it in my Inbox. It is: encouraging, thought-provoking, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always "entertaining" in a deep way, very well written, sweet & female and super sharp.

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